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                  Product Name:Anti-static &Arc guard coveralls
                  Material: 88%Cotton12%Nylon grid anti-static
                  Features: Using composite conductive wire, metal fiber, carbon fiber and other high-performance conductive fiber, this kind of coverall is dust resistant, professional labor protection, safe, ease of use, resistant to washing, comfortable to wear. Protect the wearer against electrostatic discharge to avoid incendiary.
                  * All buttons, zippers, production of non-metallic material such as plastic or nylon; 
                  * anti-static fabric also used to the opposite of clothes, pocket, welt, reinforced cloth
                  * tool bags on both chest and arms, closed by stud closure 
                  * 50 mm highlight reflective tape attached to sleeves and legs; 
                  * adjustable stud closure at two cuffs and leg openings; 
                  * adjustable elastic on both sides of waistband ; 
                  * tool bag can be sewn on both sides of legs.
                  Style: twill, satin, canva, weight range from 130 g / m2 to 345 g / m2.
                  Models: Split, Siamese, socks, hats, masks, free combination, also to sample processing, custom according to customer's requirements.
                  Size: Both Asian and European Sizing are available, M, L, and XL, XXL, XXXL custom according to user demand 
                  Color: navy, orange, silver, sapphire blue, khaki, flag red, green, black, etc.
                  Standard: EN1149-5, AATCC76, JIST8118, EN61482-1-2, NFPA 70E, ASTMF1506, OSHA 1910.269, NFPA2112, CGSB155.20, ASTMD6413. Arc Rating ATPV 12.7calories/cm2.
                  Uses: Widely used in the field of petroleum, mining and metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace, medical, military, special industrial, optical instruments, precision instruments.



                  • Flame-retardant
                  • Anti-static
                  • Acid-alkali
                  • Oil-water repellent
                  • Anti-bacterial
                  • Multifunction
                  • Other fabrics
                  • Clothing line
                  Address: No.46,East of Hongli Road, Muye Area,Xinxiang city ,Henan province,China
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