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Address:No.46,East of Hongli Road, Muye Area,Xinxiang city ,Henan province,China
? (86)15836161759
Zip Code:453002

Product Name: Acid and alkali resistant cloth
Material: 65% polyester 35%Cotton
Features: Long time not adhere to acid or alkali, good air permeability, comfortable, good protection practitioners. High fabric strength, tearing resistance, tensile, abrasive. 
* Collar with snaps can well protect body and neck; 
* tight collar, cuffs , trousers, sturdy and lightweight ; 
* less pocket or anti-pocket; 
* the side seams with the internal caulking strips, effectively prevent the acid to penetrate from the crevice
Style: twill, satin, weight range from 156 g/m2 to 245 g/m2
Models: Two-piece, jacket, standing collar gown, split hooded, 
Size: Both Asian and European Sizing are available, M, L, and XL,XXL,XXXL ,custom according to user demand 
Color: khaki, navy, orange, silver, sapphire blue, flag red, green, black , etc
Standard: EN13034, EN14325, EN368.
Uses: Widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, electroplating, batteries and other industry closely linked to acid-base chemical liquid.


  • Flame-retardant
  • Anti-static
  • Acid-alkali
  • Oil-water repellent
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Multifunction
  • Other fabrics
  • Clothing line
Address: No.46,East of Hongli Road, Muye Area,Xinxiang city ,Henan province,China
Tel:86-373-3068039 (86)15836161759 Fax: 86-373-3865827 E-mail: xinte@xxxtex.com Zip Code: 453002
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