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                  Product Name: Multifunction clothing
                  Material: 100% Cotton
                  Features: multifunction fabric is made according to the special requirements of the work environment, have more than two functions at the same time such as flame retardant, anti-static, anti-acid, anti-UV, anti-bacterial, anti-shielding, and can reach the respective standard, thereby improving the performance of protective clothing in a complex environment protection. 
                  * Stand-up collar design
                  * double-row stitching around the shoulder, elbow sleeves, pants, knee pants,hips 
                  * 50 mm bright flame retardant reflective tape on chest, arms, legs;
                  * adjustable velcro on cuffs and collar ; 
                  * nice straight hem; 
                  * two large and convenient tool bags on legs . 
                  * produce different types of multifunctional composite garment according to the need of different industries and environment.  
                  Style: twill, plain, canvas, satin, weight range from 265 g / m2 to 340 g / m2.
                  Models: Split, coveralls, jackets, vests, standing collar gown, split hood, short sleeves, also can custom according to the models .
                  Size: Both Asian and European Sizing are available, M, L, and XL, XXL, XXXL, custom according to user demand 
                  Colors: khaki, light blue, navy, orange, silver, sapphire blue, flag red, green, black ,etc.
                  Standards: EN ISO 11611, EN 61482-1-2, EN ISO11612, EN 13034, EN1149-5.
                  Uses: Widely used in petroleum, chemical, welding, shipbuilding, oil, fire, mechanical, metallurgical, mining, electroplating, electronics, printing and dyeing, racing and other environment that exist arc ultraviolet light and fire hazard, or industry contact with acid and alkali liquid.



                  • Flame-retardant
                  • Anti-static
                  • Acid-alkali
                  • Oil-water repellent
                  • Anti-bacterial
                  • Multifunction
                  • Other fabrics
                  • Clothing line
                  Address: No.46,East of Hongli Road, Muye Area,Xinxiang city ,Henan province,China
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